Push Notification

July 9, 2018

Push notifications are messages sent to users encouraging them to undertake specific actions in your app. They could also be used to communicate certain information such as updates or announcements.

Why is Push Notification Important?

Engagement is a necessary metric that measures the health of your app. With enough engagement, you build a loyal base of users whom you can convert and monetize down the road.

Push notifications are one tactic to build engagement. You send these notifications with the objective of bringing users back to your app via engagement campaigns.

Push notification CTRs are as high as 40% (according to a post by Andrew Chen), compared to email CTRs of just 5%!

If you do them effectively, push notifications can drive mobile app engagement, increase your retention rate, and raise revenue in a big way.

What Do Push Notifications Look Like?

There are so many forms that these messages can take. They can be anything from offers and discounts to critical information about accounts to simple user onboarding messages.

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