Case Study

How BigShyft Achieves 30% More Job Applications with Personalized and Timely Alerts

25%Increase in user activation m-o-m
30%Increase in application submission

The BigShyft story

Less than a year ago, BigShyft began its journey as a one-of-a-kind, recommendation-only job site. Today, it’s a fast-growing career platform for top tech professionals. BigShyft matches companies with premium tech talent, categorized on the basis of qualifications like Cost to Company (CTC), work experience, and more. Hand-picked job recommendations enable job seekers to gain visibility with recruiters and apply to positions with renowned brands.

With more than 2,000 jobs and 500 companies on the platform, BigShyft ensures a personalized experience by leveraging state of the art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies for both job seekers and recruiters.

BigShyft recently launched a new product: Meet Your Champion. It provides an opportunity for job seekers to find mentors by initiating a 1-on-1 conversation with industry leaders and influencers. To book a session with one of the champions available on the platform, users simply need to donate to a COVID-19 relief charity via the platform.


  • User Data Automate engagement
  • Segmentation Reactivate users
  • Targeted Engagement Re-target recruiters

As part of the InfoEdge brand that pioneered the job search process in India, BigShyft understands that job seekers don’t need yet another portal.

There are millions of software engineering graduates in India — and they all struggle to nab one of the limited software development job openings. Companies may receive more than 10,000 applications for just one position. And recruiters often have to manually review resumes, only to discover that most of the requirements fail to match.

As BigShyft tries to improve the experience for both job seekers and recruiters, it’s critical for them to track and improve daily, weekly, and monthly active job seekers on the platform, along with boosting the number of job applications submitted by these users.

It’s also crucial for them to track the number of active recruiters on the platform, the number of candidates being shortlisted by the recruiters, and the number of interviews being scheduled. Understanding both sides is supremely important: if there aren’t enough job recommendations, there won’t be enough job applicants.

Because each job opening is a fast-expiring product with a short user lifecycle, BigShyft faced three main challenges: getting job seekers to complete registrations, keeping users engaged even after they found a job, and building the recap value in recruiters’ minds.


Currently, their conversion funnel ends with the submission of a job application. To ensure a highly personalized experience throughout that process, BigShyft uses CleverTap for user engagement and intelligent direct marketing.


Real-time analytics helps BigShyft monitor their KPIs and find patterns in user behavior. These insights can be directly applied to personalized engagement campaigns that lead to more meaningful communication with users.

Pivots and Trends

Pivots helps BigShyft dive into drop-off patterns, giving them a better understanding of why users become inactive and how to effectively re-engage them with the app. One recent behavioral trend they noticed during the COVID-19 pandemic is that job seekers are more open to sharing details like CTC. This has increased the form completion rate on the platform, resulting in richer profiles and improved parameters for BigShyft to build targeting campaigns.


After understanding how users are navigating through the app with Flows, omnichannel Journeys help BigShyft create multiple touch points that engage and delight app users before they become inactive.

Personalized Campaigns

BigShyft sends personalized push notifications based on a user’s specific actions (and inactions), like job alerts when a new recommendation appears for job seekers.


“Acquisition is not profitable. What’s profitable is retention. If you don’t have a retention tool that facilitates funnel marketing like CleverTap in place, you’re most likely going to lose those acquired users.” Deepro Ganguly Head of Growth at BigShyft and AVP Growth Marketing at Info Edge

What’s next?

BigShyft plans to go beyond software developers and cater to product designers, product managers, and similar roles related to tech and
product development.