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CleverTap and ETBrandEquity joined forces in May 2022 to bring you ‘The Big Leap.’ Over six months, we hosted exclusive interviews, roadshows, digital dialogues, masterclasses and informal meet-ups with digital pioneers powering India’s largest and fastest-growing brands.

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Hear Growth Stories From India’s
Leading Brands

The Big Leap Growth Stories is an exclusive chat show featuring pioneers from India’s 12 largest and fastest growing brands. In this special series, we take an inside look into the growth stories and success mantras of these businesses and how they identified gaps in the market. The brand custodians will talk about how they engaged with their audiences, created seamless solutions for them and won their long lasting loyalty.

These 12 brands, that have created ripples in the market and are now a household name, have been chosen from different industry categories. Each success story will feature three spokespeople from the brand and will be telecasted exclusively on ETNow and premiered digitally on ETBrandEquity.

Strap in for a rollercoaster ride with #TheBigLeap!

Introduction to Segmentation

Upskilling India’s
Professional Workforce

Introduction to Segmentation

Delivery Services

Introduction to Segmentation

Reshaping India’s
Internet Usage

Introduction to Segmentation

Putting India on the
Global Gaming Canvas

Introduction to Segmentation

Scaling India’s
Gaming Ambition

Introduction to Segmentation

Creating India’s Biggest
Online Fashion Story

Introduction to Segmentation

Building Travel Ecosystem for
the Next Billion Users

Introduction to Segmentation

Simplifying Digital
Payments for India

Introduction to Segmentation

Shaping Digital Banking
Experience for India

Introduction to Segmentation

Democratizing India’s
Online Commerce Space

Introduction to Segmentation

Building India’s Quick
Commerce Space

Introduction to Segmentation

Creating India’s Digital
Entertainment Destination

The Big Leap Moment

Introduction to Segmentation

Kiran Thomas | CEO
Jio Platforms

Introduction to Segmentation

Aadit Palicha | Founder & CEO

Introduction to Segmentation

Prithvi Singh | Founder

Introduction to Segmentation

Shubham Malhotra | Co-Founder
Mobile Premier League (MPL)

Introduction to Segmentation

Vineeth Nair | CEO

Introduction to Segmentation

Aloke Bajpai | Group CEO & Co-Founder

Introduction to Segmentation

Sanjeev Barnwal | Founder & CTO

Introduction to Segmentation

Bipin Preet Singh | Co-Founder, MD & CEO

Introduction to Segmentation

Nikhil Gandhi | Chief Operating Officer
MX player

Introduction to Segmentation

Mayank Kumar | Co-founder & MD

Introduction to Segmentation

Kabeer Biswas | Co-Founder & CEO

Rise with Retention Roadshows

The Big Leap hosted 11 multi-city roadshows consisting of sessions with industry experts and brand custodians to deep dive into customer journeys and how brands can create customized solutions to retain them.

The roadshows that brought together 750+ marketing, product, growth and digital leaders – unearthed strategies to scale businesses by increasing the revisits and repurchases. Marketers also learnt about the right tools and technology to create solutions that keep the customers hooked to their brand and nurture a bigger community of loyal customers.

Delhi Roadshow | May | Recap

Bengaluru Roadshow | June | Recap

Mumbai Roadshow | June | Recap

Delhi Roadshow | July | Recap

Mumbai Roadshow | July | Recap

Bengaluru Roadshow | August | Recap

Delhi Roadshow | August | Recap

Delhi Roadshow | November | Recap

Retention Masterclass

The Big Leap Retention Masterclass is an exclusive and comprehensive program designed for marketers to drive high user engagement, retention, and conversions.

Spanning across sectors like Ecommerce, Retail, Banking, Fintech, Media and Entertainment – the program brought together industry experts who will conducted live, hands-on sessions citing real-life examples, use cases and challenges.

This masterclass will help participants in developing strategies for driving superior onboarding experience, creating relevant & contextual messaging to personally engage with the customers, and optimize their journeys to increase conversations, lifetime value, and reduce churn.

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