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Drive Contextual Engagements
with Granular Data and an Extended Lookback Period

Deeper Segmentation
50+ Pb
Data segmented
Actionable Insights
36 Bn+
Data points processed per day
Hyper-Personalized Engagements
3+ Years
Data lookback

How can TesseractDB™ help

Gain a Unified Customer View

Deepen your customer understanding with our patented technology that efficiently stores, processes, and queries millions of data points, in real-time.


Derive Actionable Insights

Analyze 2000+ data points per user per month and uncover a wealth of actionable insights. Attain an enriched perspective of customer behavioral trends for informed decisions.


Build Lifelong Relationships

Harness historical customer data with an extensive data history for a higher context, unlike any other technology. Drive hyper-personalized campaigns with ease.


Discover Unknown Unknowns

Leverage rich data, powered by real-time AI/ML models. Elevate the customer experience with 1:1 product recommendations, predictive segmentation, optimized journey paths, and more.

Unlock the true potential of

CleverTap In-App Campaigns
CleverTap In-App Campaigns

The TesseractDB™

  • Powerful AI & ML engine

    Harness the power of customer data to elevate customer experiences.

  • Smart Querying & Processing

    Gain real-time actionable insights from millions of data points.

  • Distributed Data Store

    Scale your data effectively with multiple data nodes.

  • Unlimited Data Storage

    Enrich customer understanding through seamless data ingestion and storage.


TesseractDB ™ is CleverTap’s proprietary, state-of-the-art database designed to facilitate storage and processing of data, with 11 product and technology patents*. TesseractDB ™ Generation 3 is powered by a brand new protocol: the Network Columnar Format (NCF), drawing inspiration from RCFile, Apache ORC, and several other sources. As a columnar storage format, it excels in enabling real-time queries, thus yielding hyper-personalized experiences.

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  • *Includes approved and approval pending patents

Unlock the Power of Hyper-personalization with TesseractDB™

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