July 9, 2018

Flows is a feature in the CleverTap mobile marketing platform that gives marketers a visual representation of all the common user paths and friction points within your app.

What are Flows?

CleverTap Flows allows marketers to identify and isolate all the optimal points where you can engage your customers inside your app.

Analyze where your customers go before or after performing a specific action. Or follow their journey between two custom events to analyze the frequency of occurrence of an important event. For instance, dissect what customers did after installing your app to view and purchase a product.

How Do Flows Help You Plan Better Campaigns?

With Flows, you can:

  • Visualize The Different Paths Users Take In Your App
    With funnels, you can analyze one specific path to conversion, but Flows shows you all of the different paths users take in your app. Easily identify and encourage conversion behaviors.
  • Find the Best Paths to Conversion and Retention
    Stop guessing about the best steps to conversion — let your users tell you.
  • Pinpoint Where Users Churn
    Discover confusing paths in your app to reduce churn and improve your user experience.
  • Compare Paths Across User Segments
    Discover the different paths that retained vs. churned users take to optimize and grow your app.

This 1:35 video explains how Flows works:

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