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Startup Innovator Series: Shootly-On-Demand Photographer App

Startup Innovator Series: Shootly-On-Demand Photographer App
 Shootly, an app for finding professional photographers and dronographers, on demand, is one of LA’s standout new startups. The company launched in November, and in this interview, Co-Founder & CEO Garrett Henrickson speaks to their go-to-market strategies that include social media, partnerships and targeted mobile notifications. Henrickson says inspirational content, including user-generated content, is key to driving awareness through their social channels. The company is also exploring partnerships with real estate companies, sports organizations, and live events.
Shootly utilizes a number of mobile engagement strategies including using relevant and timely push and email notifications, such as sending updates to existing customers based on their previous purchase history. As an example, if an app user had previously hired a Shootly photographer for real estate photography, Shootly sends updates related to that previous purchase in addition to information on other types of purchase options.
Geo-targeted event-specific notifications are important for the company, such as pushing a promotion for dronographers to surf enthusiasts during an exceptional swell or surf event. Seasonal notifications are an additional strategy, including sending promotions for portraits during holiday and back-to-school seasons.
We’re very excited about Shootly’s potential and expect to hear a lot more about the company in 2016. Watch Shootly’s Garret Henrickson discuss Shootly’s recent launch here:
Posted on January 2, 2016