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Meet CleverTap at TechSparks’17

Meet CleverTap at TechSparks’17

Our (CleverTap) kin is a set of super enthusiastic people. We love meeting new people, talking to them, understanding what are the new trends in the mobile world and catching up with what’s hip now (and what’s not).
For this reason, we are thrilled to be part of the upcoming TechSparks event, held from 22nd to 23rd September in Bangalore. TechSparks is a national event where the leaders of India’s startup ecosystem showcase, meet and connect with similar creative and like-minded people, or as they like to say it: where the pioneers and the legends connect.
We have been attending TechSparks for the past couple of years now, and have never returned dissatisfied. The sheer variety of the people you get to network with is incredible. With multiple conferences, panel discussions and exhibits, the 2 day event is packed with heaps of energy and inspiration.
Check out what Jay Dalvi from our Customer Success team had to say about TechSparks’16:

As we interacted with more and more mobile app marketers at TechSparks last year, we discovered the conspicuous focus of marketers on retaining their users. After acquiring the users, marketers want to ensure that their users get the smoothest of experience in their apps. With such cut-throat competition, they want to treat their users like royalty, be it via effortless onboarding, customised in-app experience, or personalised engagement.
With such valuable insights right from the minds of marketers, we spent the following year developing features that would help marketers engage effectively with their users. This year at TechSparks, we are excited to talk about and flaunt the following new features:

Rich Push Notifications:

To ensure that your notification doesn’t get lost in the many notifications your users receive from other brands, your notification needs to stand out. Now you can grab your users attention with rich push notifications by sending either gifs, videos, carousel images in the notification!

GIF Push Notification with CleverTap


Marketers love it when data speaks to them. And we love it when marketers’ engagement strategies are backed by powerful, real-time and actionable analytics. To encourage this, we created Pivots. Pivots is an industry-first data-exploration tool that summarizes your data and helps you slice it and dice it with the help of tables and other meaningful data visualizations. Our kin calls it the champion of insights! It lets you correlate data across multiple properties and get additional insights that can help you make better business decisions.
Pivots with CleverTap

Delivery in user timezone:

If you have users in multiple geographies, you would want to engage with them in their right time, and not yours. A notification can have beautiful images and personalised content, but if received at 2 am in the night, it will always be downright annoying. Acknowledging this need, we built a feature that lets marketers schedule push notification campaigns to be delivered in the user’s timezone, encouraging higher click through rates for the notifications.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg (we’ve revamped Funnels and Cohorts, added recurring campaigns functionality, added new APIs, and a lot more). We have strived hard to grow our Product (and our kin 😉 ) over the past year. We’ve added loads of new analytics and engagement features to our platform, and we can’t wait to showcase them to you.
Do drop by our booth in the exhibit area and we’d love to chat with you, know your pain-points and help resolve them. Catch Jay Dalvi, Nishit Shah and Ananth Kishore at the booth and feel free to bombard them with questions!
If you can’t wait another week to know more, schedule a demo with us now!
Regardless, we hope to see you in Bangalore for TechSparks’17 (and then later for some chilled craft beer!)
P.S: We also have some cool goodies waiting for you at the booth 😉

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Last updated on August 28, 2023